Woodworking crosscut sled discussion and bookshelves update

Posted By on March 29, 2020


This is a two-purpose post: A woodworking (sort of) bookshelves project archive update and shared information on a jig I made.

First, the bookshelves and music room/ library painting coming along slowly. I’m bogged down with putty, sanding and painting after adding a strip light shield (wood to hide the LEDs that I’m planning to add that will highlight artwork).CrosscutSled_3 I am working on final priming and have all but the center section moldings in place … so there is progress, but I’m not rushing anything.

Second, a discussion arose after Jon Peters shared his thoughts on his "massive" table saw crosscut sled and with some back and forth with a few guys, I told them that I was pretty satisfied with my slightly smaller but deeper cut (28") sled. Also I mentioned that I thought using a leading edge piece of aluminum angle (photos right) makes the jig easier to horse around. At this point in my woodworking, I wouldn’t change my design one bit … and so they wanted to see better photos (below).



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