Annalyn and Ellerie photos are keeping a smile on my face

Posted By on April 8, 2020


Grandparents who receive regular photos, video, FaceTime and Alexa Echo messages from their grandchildren (and children) are fortunate to live in today’s technology rich world. Just a couple decades ago, families who moved apart for careers or whatever reason were lucky to get a few snapshots in the US mail or maybe talk on the phone once in a while.

I know we were thankful our parents lived within a holiday or weekend drive (3-4 hours away) and that we found time to get together (likely not enough for my mom). Nowadays a lot of families live a plane ride away … and with this “new normal” of no travel and “social distancing,” having technology at least helps us feel closer. As my mom would say, “it’s not the same as being together.”

Instead of flying to Florida for spring break this year, Katelyn and Drew packed up a cooler with food and drove to Michigan for their scheduled vacation … one in which I’m glad they could still take (we canceled our trip). It sure is great to see these four happy and enjoying time together at the Oostra cottage!


EDIT: As often happens, after pre-composing and scheduling this post, we ended up with another FaceTime video call and a few more cute photos that I wanted to archive!


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