The Good News – “He is not here; for He is risen..”

Posted By on April 12, 2020

Although Brenda and I have been regularly listening to pastors share audio messages on their podcasts or watching church services online during these trying Coronavirus days, we like many Christians, pumpyumpyeaster2012are finding it challenging to be thinking and planning for Easter? Nevertheless, the calendar indicates it is Easter Sunday 2020, so a proper “He is risen” and a social-distanced, “He has risen indeed” is going to have to suffice. Let not lose “hope” for a better tomorrow and FAR better eternity … thank you Jesus.

“He is not here; for He is risen …”
Matthew 28:6.

While talking with my friend Jeff earlier in the week about an early Pandora music blog post, I stumbled across a photo of my daughter’s OLD rabbit who is shockingly “still living.” Unfortunately Pumpy Umpy  is not doing well. In a post back in 2012 with my mom and dad, I included an Easter egg and Pumpy Umpy photo and will use it again this year … 8 years later! At the time I “thought” he was a pretty old rabbit. Oh how I was wrong; I think Katelyn’s rabbit may be closing in on a record old age!


Adding this Annalyn “personality plus” face while coloring eggs to the 2020 Easter post. 😊


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