Music Monday: Yet another great Jackson Browne song

Posted By on May 18, 2020

JacksonBrowne-ImAliveAlbum-250x256If you’ve followed MyDesultoryBlog for any time now, you’ve noticed Music Monday often includes songs from Jackson Browne. If there is one “go-to” Pandora channel I call-up and listen to, it is Jackson Browne Radio. I say “call-up” because even before this “no-touch” Coronavirus time, I’ve been using Alexa to play music. Recently I updated the Echo “House Group” to include the new mini-100 watt amp so the Bluetooth connected Echo Input (after replacing it with Amazon Echo Auto) can again utilize my home speakers – it worked great … until it didn’t. I had to send it back and of course they are now “out of stock.” 😡

For this post, I was going to only include the My Problem Is You cut for this post, but since it was from the 1993 I’m Alive album

  Jackson Browne – My Problem Is You | 1993

… then thought, why not make this a two-fer Music Monday? So, here’s the title song I’m Alive shared again. Enjoy them both!

  Jackson Browne – I’m Alive | 1993


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