Zoeller has become my go-to favorite for replacement pumps

Posted By on December 22, 2018

ZoellerDrainagePump181218ZoellerDrainagePumpNameThey are not the cheapest, but the cast iron US made Zoeller pumps are now my go-to for pumps when replacing our “way too many” pumps. They are definitely superior to the big box store brands. Although each time I need a new one, I inch up the line as to quality … this time opting for the Zoeller M63 PREMIUM SERIES with a 5-year warranty … although I am expecting to get far more life out of it, since the last one lasted 11 years (the M57 had a 3-year warranty and lessor quality impeller).

As for number of pumps, we have two outsides to handled drainage issues, one in the sump of the pool house (plus the actual pool pump!) and 2-sumps and one macerator in the house. I’m starting to think I should be invested in a pump company?

This M63 is going into the drainage pit in our backyard as it collects water from a French drain along with a second back-up pump. We notice water building up quicker than normal last week and so I pulled the lid and stuck my backup sump pump in the pit in order to help out (it was a replaced pump that had a failed switch … seemingly the weakest point on every pump I’ve replaced over the years).

My advice if you have a sump pump … replace them before they fail.


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