What a muddy mess I have made of the backyard

Posted By on May 9, 2011


With the amount of rain we have been having this spring, we’ve had constant grass growth without hardly a day of dry weather in order to mow. I finally had to cut the soggy backyard for fear of never being able to cut it without a brush hog. After making the decision to cut it, I’m now wondering if it was a mistake?

missrv_amo_2010125 missrv_amo_2011125
Mississippi River before and after as observed from space

Engineers blow a Mississippi levee on May 2nd flooding farms in Missouri

Thankfully though here in southwest Ohio we’ve been spared the devastating tornadoes that hit states to the south this April, and despite the rains we haven’t had the flooding those receiving our water downstream are experiencing. My heart and prayers go out to all who have experience loss of life and property this spring.

Tuscaloosa Alabama hit hard by tornados


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