Ordered a new wire cored flag halyard this week

Posted By on May 5, 2020

rope37After our flag halyard failed again this year, I did a little more digging as to why the “cheap” rope deteriorated so fast. My first assumption was that the sun damaged the fibers since it has a worn, powder feel to it? Then after looking for better grade polyester (weather resistant) halyards, decided that this time I would go with a wire core.

Who knows if it will actually prevent weathering and wear, but at least when it frays, the flag will still be flying. On the other hand, in reading a few comments from the “flag guy” website, it was mentioned that lowering the halyard just a inch from the top can prevent unnecessary chafing at the top of the flagpole (also note loops – photo).

Now to get someone to shimmy up the pole to rethread the new halyard … or perhaps wait until my kids are down again to take the pole down and rethread!

UPDATE May 11, 2020: Disappointed yet again on an order from Amazon. The wire-rope halyard was opened and looked used .. likely pulled through a block considering the dirt on the sheathing. I’ve not measured to be sure there is 100 feet on the spool, but Amazon needs to sharpen their re-stocking and selling of product as “new.”


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