Tech Friday: i-Device Wallpapers .. the Bompa edition

Posted By on May 29, 2020

Although my computer monitor(s) still have relatively generic “paper airplanewallpapers, I regularly update both my iPhone and iPad. Annalyn_iPhoneWallpaper200521Long gone are the days of sailboat pictures and Palm Pre wallpapers … and here to stay are the grandchildren wallpapers for the foreseeable future (who knows, I may have to get MacBook Air like Taylor just did if a 3rd grandchild comes along?)


And … now is as good a time as any to post a photo from Memorial Day 2020.

An irritant this past week was the Wyze Cam app force sending advertising late in the evening to my phone. Obviously they are searching for a way to generate income, but this is a bad omen for those who have purchased security cameras and allow notifications for security purposes … only to start seeing advertising. Hm, a sign of things to come???



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