Forgot to archive my 2020 Father’s Day conversation #TBT

Posted By on June 25, 2020

FathersDayFacetime200621Our family went in different directions for Father’s Day this year, but I enjoyed the text messages, ‘last year memory photo’ and FaceTime singing by Annalyn. She sang a great Happy Father’s Day song to the tune of "Happy Birthday to you" … that was very appreciated and enjoyable.

Ellerie tried to talk and she gazed at the iPad screen the whole time … I’m not sure if it was just because it was a "video screen" or my funny face?

The call from Katelyn and Drew after their weekend with the Oostras in Michigan was just what I needed to top off my day … as was the photo from Put-In-Bay last year (photo below – and making it a Throwback Thursday #TBT link). What great memories my whole family has had up at Lake Erie.


Taylor was off backpacking to the Smokey Mountains with this buddy Mike … and from his photos … looks to have had a great time. So many similar memories we share … I did the same thing when single and then with my buddy Jeff after Brenda and I were married. We even took Brenda and the kids on a couple of our hikes and eventually moving up from tent to cabin. Good times and memories (link to photo of kids on the tailgate of our 1994 Toyota 4-Runner)!



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