If you dislike the police or civil society, ignore the next two posts

Posted By on June 13, 2020

pokebear_aniIt is officially time for me to start wearing the “grumpy old man” cap (or “GOM” as my “poke the bear” friend Jeff refers to it). I can’t believe the things our country is now divided over. Tomorrow I’ll detail a little more on the serious items, but today its the ridiculous attack on everything associated with law enforcement and the police.

Since there is “uniform” dismay (an inappropriate pun) at the bad cop’s actions that triggered the Minneapolis, MN protests and ensuing riots  … those desiring to tear down civil society are now attempting to paint all 900,000 in law enforcement with the same very wide brush. From anarchists taking over 6 blocks and a police station in Seattle, to protestors toppling of statues and destroying property, they are all operating under a mob mentality. They alone have decided what needs to go. No civil debate or democratic rule and very little pushback from those in power. Those continuing to destroy and demand are acting like spoil brats; they are doing it because they want to and are responding as if “you can’t (won’t) stop me.” So far they are right … and those that tell them to stop currently aren’t willing to make them stop. I assume those going beyond peaceful protesting didn’t have parents who agreed with Proverbs 13:24?


Perhaps acting ALONE isn’t exactly correct .. since the media and elected officials have all but given the okay. Go ahead, take over the city. Here’s the police station, city hall and go ahead say anything you want to those wearing the blue uniform (we won’t call that inciting or bullying … and agree they deserve it). “We know you are just upset and can’t help yourselves.” 

Ridiculous! But it doesn’t stop there. Once they get on a roll, the radical left finds a lot more targets. How about getting rid of movies, law enforcement TV shows, Lego sets with police themes … and even those cartoons for children designed to promote positive relationships with those we hire to “serve and protect.” It is sickening.

‘Paw Patrol’ And Chase The Police Dog Are Good Examples Of ‘To Protect And Serve’

Good cop portrayals like Chase the police dog are absolutely necessary because our society and nation need admirable examples of public servants for kids and adults to look up to. ChasePawPatrol


If you think that removing “good” cop shows, tearing down statues, and renaming Disneyland rides is going to solve racism, you’re wrong. Racism was not created in a day and isn’t going to leave when things get canceled or removed.

Instead of lobbying for Chase the police dog to be euthanized, why don’t we instead focus on the ways he models how police can assist communities by protecting and serving.



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