We had a great time with the family last weekend

Posted By on June 9, 2020

Today’s blog update is really just to archive a couple grandkid photos from this past weekend. We see our family enough not to have to post something every time we get together, but those with grandchildren know how fast babies grow from week to week and month to month.


I’ll start the post with a bookshelves photo (not ours) that reminding me of Annalyn … our “Where’s Waldo” wizard. At three, she enjoys and memorized the location of Waldo in her books … so when this was posted as a “Where’s my cat?” in the bookshelves photo, I thought of Annalyn. I’ll have to ask her if she spotted him (bottom right of the TV).


More to the point, here are a couple photos .. one of Annalyn and one of Ellerie … and just for the fun of it, Brenda showing Annalyn how to ride the little red bike (Katelyn and Taylor’s) and of course my happy little granddaughter on the swing!


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