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Posted By on August 11, 2020


With our family in town last week, it was a busy time. We enjoyed several outings, good food and plenty of pool time. Annalyn has really grown to enjoy swimming and playing in the yard. AnnalynRich_phonemaskShe loves the swing (Bompa needs to work on a bigger one) and riding the bike with training wheels to the back gate – it is a perfect spot.


Annalyn also worked on a few “projects” with me and gave a new Carpenter Bee Catcher to her mom and a Bluebird house to Oma and one for mommy. Ellerie was super content to watch her sister and all the goings-on and did a pretty good job of sleeping. I still think Katelyn and Drew left tired?


We ventured out into the Coronavirus world a couple of times and enjoyed some take-out food, hiking and a visit to Pyramid Hill Park and were lucky enough to get the last golf cart (thanks Drew and Katelyn, that really was helpful with Brenda’s back issue).


I probably should mention knocking off a stop on the Butler County Donut Trail too … although I didn’t really need donuts! (we did Holtman’s Donuts this time).


… and just a few more below …




Oh … and they really did work on Brenda’s back with a new “old” book. 😉



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