It is wearing out, but the Rat Zapper is still repairable

Posted By on August 23, 2020

Even though we have a few of those ultrasonic devices plugged into the walls, mice seem to find their way into the detached and attached garage then figure out how to squeeze there way into the house. I’d like to think I’m able to trap them before they find the kitchen, but who knows … although the absence of dropping is a good sign.


The purchase a Rat Zapper in 2015 as well as upgrades has made a difference. I move it between the basement and pool house garage so we have been able to keep these rodents to a minimum. I suspect our Red Tailed and Red Shouldered Hawks help keep the numbers down too. So far this year I’ve only fished a couple out of the pool skimmer baskets.

After 5 years of constant use and corrosion, I finally gave up on sticking small brushes and tools into the business end in order to clean. There isn’t an easy way to take this piece of plastic apart and I ended up breaking off one of the plastic tabs that holds one plate a critical distance from the other. So I did what every annoyed guy would do … used a Dremel tool to cut the bottom off – and don’t forget this rotary tool tip.


After removing, I could better clean up the plates and replace with a plywood bottom that screws to the Rat Zapper. I converted back to 4-AA batteries and put it back in the basement … still baited with dogfood.


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