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Posted By on October 6, 2020

The summer has slipped away and we are finally getting around to getting our boxes and bags of books back in the library/music room. Earlier this year I built some new bookshelves for the back wall that will house a lot of our books. I’ve been tossing and slowly organizing them, but Brenda BookshelvesOrganizing201001has just recently felt up to going through her boxes and is now enjoying unboxing Taylor and Katelyn’s books from when they were kids. . I think both Annalyn and Ellerie will love looking at and reading the ones we decided to keep.

Speaking of our grand-daughters, Katelyn sent a couple photos last week. One from Annalyn’s pre-school teacher and the other two from a visit to the dentist. It seemed like a good excuse to try an iPhone app for a collage <-memories!



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