Cleaning, reorganizing, some sanding and new ZipGuard finsih

Posted By on October 4, 2020

In my goal to gain space in the poolhouse garage (a failure) and clearing out and cleaning the east-side wall, I shifted my attention to the beat-up bench top. Part of this was just clearing the workbench of junk, then reorganizing and cleaning each shelf. The boxes have been sort-of shuffled (drawers ignored), but I lost momentum in throwing “good” junk and clutter away (although last weeks garbage haul was good).


Wednesday night, I took down the shade sails, ran a few boards through my new DeWalt planer and decided to sand workbench top to get it smooth and prepped rather than interrupt Brenda’s streaming marathon of Grimm. She claims it is a good series but frankly I can’t take watching any more TV …  Tuesdays’ nasty presidential debate burned me out.

Finally though, after the clearing and sanding, I added some Zip-Guard protection from my leftover jar so the bench should be good for a few more years.

And since this is a semi-wrenching post, I’ll slip in this “Why math is important” image below the break.



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