After cleaning, tossing junk and the re-organizing a couple walls, the pool house garage is still way too cluttered

Posted By on October 3, 2020


As much as I love working in an organized space, for the life of me I have trouble keeping it that way. Also,  I can’t get rid of things I use, might OfficeVentlessGasHeater200929use or that are too good to sell or toss. The truth is that I have the packrat gene.  My parents were not quick to let go of something they bought or might need either. Come to think about it, neither was Brenda’s dad when it came to his barn.

Still, I’m glad to have whittled away at some of the junk piling up in the pool house garage. Since I cleared the wall (not shown), it exposed the old office supplemental heater that I used in my office in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for those late nights when I didn’t want to heat the entire building. I installed it in the pool house garage thinking it would take the chill off of working in the garage (still works great – ani gif), but it was way too small. Instead, I installed a Mr. Heater hanging heater above the workspace AND woodstove in the corner – both work great.


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