Music Monday: Lexington Lab Band does 1971 Chicago song

Posted By on January 25, 2021

RobPottofLLBbioA few years ago (2013 and 2014), I mentioned that a talented classmate of mine from high school in Sidney performs regularly with the Lexington Lab Band. They play music that I enjoy and so will include a new video for Music Monday this week, but if you like their music be sure to check out all of their episodes.”

The guy on the piano is Rob Pottof, and although he was noticeably talented in high school, he excelled when he performed professionally as an adult and now has made a career of scoring music for movies — his current work is, as he would say, “for the mouse” … aka Disney.

I’ve always enjoyed listening and have been a loyal fan of the Lexington Lab Band since they started. Their latest song is a pretty accurate sounding version of Chicago’s 1971 classic Saturday In The Park; LLB posted it to YouTube last week (01/21/2021).

  Chicago – Saturday In The Park (original) | 1971


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