A snowy 2021 February stay-at-home day and a few idea photos

Posted By on February 10, 2021


We received a surprise snowfall on Monday night this week and it caught most of us, including the weather people and snowplows off-guard. Brenda worked until close in Oxford, Ohio and it took her nearly an hour and a half to drive home .. TouchingUpTileChips210203no salt on the roads and very few snowplows were out. She is thankful to have Tuesday off.

Also, one of the projects I worked on (besides the boat) in Florida last week was touching up a few chips on the older white tile floor. Thankfully the newer tile still looks good … but the original nearly 30 year old tile is looking tired.

Occasionally I toss a few snipped photos in to a folder for one reason or another and so decided to archive a couple of them for tool or woodworking ideas or whatever below before they get lost in my digital clutter. I’m not sure I’ll ever turn them into shop project or anything, but I did like the steel table and vise mount, noodle drying rack and antique drawered toolbox (below).




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