Archive: The Howards and the Woodcocks in Florida #TBT

Posted By on February 18, 2021


A couple of weeks ago I shared a 1990s photo of Brenda’s dad with a close friend Hugh Woodcock and saw another one from 1997 to archive for a Throwback Thursday #TBT. Both MomH (2017) and DadH (2013) have passed away, but since Mrs. Woodcock (Ann) commented on my “snowy February stay-at-home” post, I figured I would include another one this week. She is in her 90s and actually doing okay down in Florida … although Hugh, who has been battling with Alzheimer’s disease, took a fall last year and now need full time nursing assistance. Having help is a big relief for Ann, but it is depressing to watch family and friends get old. 


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