Music Monday: The Marshall Tucker Band – “Can’t You See”

Posted By on February 22, 2021

MarshallTuckerBandAlbumThe Marshall Tucker Band was one of my favorite groups in the 1970s and I mentioned them before. I was a big fan MTB_1973photoof modern country music as it inched towards what we know as southern rock. It really made inroads into popular music in the 1970s and had staying power unlike the trendy stuff at the time (Psychedelic rock, Disco, etc). Even today, southern rock continues to remain popular.

A friend posted a short snippet from a 1973 video on Twitter and so I searched to find the full video on YouTube. Here’s another later 1977 version of Can’t You See for this week’s Music Monday (video below the album audio, trivia tidbit and break in post).

  Marshall Tucker Band – “Can’t You See”

How did the Spartanburg, South Carolina band get their name?
    They "borrowed" the name "Marshall Tucker" from a piano tuner whose name was found on a key ring in their old rehearsal space.


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