After 6 days, the Ever Given is moving and the Suez Canal is open

Posted By on March 30, 2021


The news that has captured much of the of the world’s interest this week was the very large Ever Given container ship lodged sideways in the Suez Canal by EvergivenStuckSuezChart40+ mph winds (and perhaps some mechanical issues?). The “Empire State Building” size ship snarled traffic for 6 days surprising most people as to just how difficult it was to refloat and move back into the channel. Thankfully on Monday it was finally freed.


It wasn’t until I saw the navigable channel illustration (right), did I understand how the ship was wedged in so tight. It was still shocking that even the largest tugs struggled to pull it loose and only after days of dredging and waiting on tides. It was also eye-opening to see just how much of the world economy in our JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing, inventories and supply culture we all depend on, especially now that businesses are starting to open after nearly o year of COVID19 shutdowns.


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