Music Monday: The Band and Kodachrome photography

Posted By on March 29, 2021

Last week while talking with a couple car enthusiasts about old cars, old photos and photography, one of the guys mentioned an online social feed that posts Kodachrome images of old vintage car scenes.Kodachrome_box_64 While sifting through a couple slides, I saw one of small town Cripple Creek, Colorado which trigged a music memory. CrippleCreekInn_KodachromeForever1977

Since I already posted something in 2018 on The Band and their 1969 “Up On Cripple Creek” hit, this week I’ll mention a couple other songs (BTW, “Cripple Creek” song was not a reference to the town in Colorado – photo right). 

So for this this week’s Music Monday songs, TheBandAlbum1968here are a couple mp3s for all who grew up in a generation with the greatest music … although perhaps every generation thinks their era’s music was best?

  The Band – Acadian Driftwood
  The Band – The Weight
  The Band – The Night They
      Drove Old Dixie Down


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