Business change, server updates, an idiom & a friend’s new toy

Posted By on March 27, 2021

This past week was an on and off work week. I’ve been struggling to update software and the latest Linux flavor on an old WMCpageserver while telling myself “I’m getting too old for this.” Right or wrong attitude, I think keeping up with fast-paced technology change is a young person’s game.

On the plus side, a client that I thought left, came back and wanted me to recover their account, emails and old website … but in the same week, another long time customer has decided they were ready for a redesign of their website and asked me to transfer their data. Over the years I knew that I should have been recommending a CMS platform, but when customers are happy, why rock the boat?

Interesting fact

The origin of the idiom ‘rock the boat’ is attributed to American statesman, lawyer and politician William Jennings Bryan, who was famously quoted “The man who rocks the boat ought to be stoned when he gets back on shore.” In this 1914 quote, it is evident that Bryan was referring to those who stir up trouble.

As for “a friend’s new toy,” my southeastern Georgia buddy, Mark Jones, bought a new Delta table saw for his woodworking garage shop and sent me a photo. For some of us guys, we do love our tools and hobbies. This looks like the perfect mobile addition (note wheels) to his workshop



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