How are we doing in vaccinating our population? #COVID19

Posted By on March 6, 2021


Immunization is picking up speed, but we are still struggling to get enough of the produced vaccinations in arms … especially in some states. This past week an article in Fortune posted a “tracker map” illustrating FortuneCovid19Tracker210305where it is going well and where we’re are struggling to get shots in the arms of every American adult.

My RPh wife Brenda has been vaccinating every day and mentioned that they are already received their first shipment of the Johnson and Johnson “one-dose” vaccine. Beside being one-shot, the storage requirements aren’t as challenging, so this should improve efficiency in getting the US population closer to herd immunity. 

Georgia, according to the Fortune Vaccine Tracker map, is having the most difficulty in rolling out the immunization for some reason, but after talking with my friend Mark outside of Savannah, he and Dar were getting their second shots already this past week. Brenda received her second this past week, as did Katelyn, Drew and Megan a week or so prior  (all health care workers).

In total nationwide, about 107 million vaccines have been distributed nationwide—80.5 million, or 75.2%, of which have been administered.

As for Ohio, all the numbers are going in the right direction, but we’re still not fully open (State of Ohio Cumulative and Daily Count below):



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