Double spline miters, my granddaughters and early drives #TBT

Posted By on April 8, 2021


With all the photos that I take, I can’t believe I didn’t snap a couple photos of the recent redwood framed games and puzzle woodworking projects I made for my granddaughters? Oh well, they turned out nice. I used my new “flat kerf” blade to make the corner miter joints stronger as well as decorative. In the past, I used just a single spline but decided to do a double spline in each corner this time. It turned out nice and I think it is stronger … but who knows?

CPPBuildingW1987This past week was also a semi-emergency babysitting trip to Perrysburg. The weather was great for my time with the girls and early morning and evening drive. When I’m talking early, I mean that I left the house at 3:45AM.  Ugh … I’m not sure how I used to make the 4 hour drive at 4AM to NE Ohio ever Monday for years to open my business in Cuyahoga Falls at 8:30AM  … and with that comment, I’ll make this a Throwback Thursday #TBT post!

Driving improving slightly in NE Ohio but temp down to 12F. on TwitPic Traffic slow as I leave my morning appt in Columbus OH. Snow ... on TwitPic Driving from Cincinnati to Cleveland today. Are we haivng fun... on TwitPic

Anyway, here are a couple photos from this week for the blog archive with my happy granddaughers this week … and video snippet playing on their new swing set too (below the break). Annalyn is always happy to be with me, even as Ellerie is a bit slower to warm up … especially after spending a week in Florida with her mom and dad every minute of every day. She missesEllerieEating_ani210406 them when they go to work.



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