Washing cars, opening the pool before a surprise trip to Toledo

Posted By on May 25, 2021

CleaningOpeningPool2021This past weekend was a busy weekend and won’t likely let up for a little while – full schedule … and I’m not even really back to traveling for work!

It started with getting the mowing finished up on Friday night so that I could spend time on getting the initial pool cleaning and pump running. It is never a speedy process to get the dirt and worms out of the bottom of the pool. This year … as in the past few … we’ve lost a few more “aging” waterline tiles again. We no longer have replacements and will need to figure out what to do going forward. Nevertheless, the pump is running, I planted Brenda’s Mother’s Day rose bush from Taylor and washed the cars … including the Packard and covering it.

The weekend seems a bit shorter since Drew planned a Sunday surprise belated 35th birthday party for Katelyn! (photos and post archived shortly .. I’m still sifting through the photos … so Saturday photos only below)


A few more photos below the break while cleaning the cars … primarily the Packard Hawk with the hub caps still in the trunk. I need to replace the master cylinder, lines and decide how I’m going to fix the brakes: Do I replace stock, upgrade to disc (not as simple as it seems) or rebuild like I did for the Mercedes?





I know Gartner snakes are generally harmless, but I’m still not a fan of them getting into or hanging out too close to the house or garage.



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