Book: “The Cost” by Maria Bartiromo and James Freeman

Posted By on May 16, 2021

When it comes to reading, I once again have started more books than I can finish. It started with our “rest and relaxation” vacation where I wanted to be sure to have a “papeTheCost_MBandJF_eBook210507r book” to read on the beach and while relaxing at the condo … but I still haven’t finished “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” and the more recently the library book “The Deficit Myth.

Now I finally have an eBook version of Maria Bartiromo and James Freeman’s book “The Cost” … one that I really been wanted to read. The book starts with the early exchange between President Trump and President Xi of China regarding the missile strike on Syria while dining together at Mar-a-Lago … before the diplomacy between our two nations became far more challenging. (ie. IP theft issues, tariffs, China Sea expansion and of course the handling of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

I thought the comment from the Chinese dictator at the beginning of the relationship regarding the missile strike was telling … compared to the adversarial relationship we find ourselves in as China has grown more aggressive in their oppressive ways against all who are in their way of advancing and dominating Chinese Communist Party goals. His early comment in regard to the 59 US missiles in Syria … “it was acceptable to attack anybody who would use poison gas against children.” I’m looking forward to the rest of the book.


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