Small item Alligator Forceps tool tip thanks to Adam Savage

Posted By on June 17, 2021


After repairing our iRobot pool sweeper last week and figuring out how to hold a “behind the riveted new screen tiny nut in place (after I dropped it!) … I happened to see Adam Savage’s model building recommended tool (mention him an his testedcom before) and “just had to have it.” In the photos above, it is the new one on the right … but thankfully I had a medical forceps in my tool box that worked (photo on left) … in a “pinch.” (ugh, DDJ)


Of course it would have come in handy to have had the Alligator Forceps before I needed them … but I ordered and hung them on my workbench wall for the next time (might be great for sewing too?). BTW … I just love the engineering of them and how the internal dovetailed slide controls the powerful pinch and hold mechanism at the end. I opted for the 8” to save a few bucks, but the shorter and longer versions would have been nice too.



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