Weekend chores, a bonfire and iRobot pool cleaner fixes

Posted By on June 8, 2021


It was a “work around the yard” weekend for me and besides power washing the patios on Saturday, I cut down honeysuckles in preparation for the new concrete driveway project later this summer (if it is still scheduled and affordable )?


Along with sawing trees and hauling limbs, I started the old dried out honeysuckle cuttings and fallen sticks piled up on the ever growing bonfire -it was getting way too large and out of control. Thankfully the wind was light and rain dampened things a bit … and to answer my daughters question, “Did you need to call the fire department?” Um .. NO… thankfully.

But … it was a busy and active weekend and as you can see from my Fitbit step counts for Saturday and Sunday … now to get into a more ambitious weekday schedule.


Another “fun” (sort of) project was to repair the aging iRobot Verro. I used some leftover airplane aluminum, rivets and plastic fencing as a replacement guard in order to keep the bag out of the impeller. It seems to work … BUT the drive belt fail just as I returned it to the water. Come on Amazon, get me those new belt quick (I can’t trust their Prime deliveries anymore).


And an updated photo of the growing robins nested on the back porch grapevine wreath preventing me from putting a fire in the outdoor fireplace. Hm … “come on, leave the nest!”


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