Thanksgiving with my brother and a few wrap-up photos

Posted By on November 28, 2021


Having Thanksgiving at my brother’s house with our family (minus Jaben who recently had COVID19) was one of those photo days that I should have packed my Lumix camera. The lighting was a bit dark and into window light for an olderRichClaireRonBrenda_Thanksgiving20211125 iPhone … and without a tripod was challenging. I propped it between some glasses on the table and had to shoot into the light.

All in all we had a great day with the family and left stuffed with turkey, potatoes, etc. Thankfully after two “small plates – cough, cough, I saved room for Claire’s apple pie and Brenda’s pumpkin pie. Everyone left satisfied and we are all appreciative of my brother Ron and sister-in-law Claire for having us this year. Thank you.



AnnalynPicOmaBompa211126After Thanksgiving in Tipp City, Ohio, Katelyn, Drew, Annalyn and Ellerie came back to our house (a little over an hour away) and we enjoy time together. Annalyn and Ellerie worked on a Christmas tree “cross” ornament project and AnnalynRockingHorse211124aniI enjoyed time with the girls; reading and working on drawing games with Annalyn and playing “trolls” in the basement with our “new talker,” Ellerie. It is amazing how she is now can speak words (not even 2 years old); it is fun to watch them both advancing in so many areas.



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