A big snowman GIF triggered Ford 800 tractor memories #TBT

Posted By on February 10, 2022

Snowman_large_aniIn early February 2022, most of the U.S. received a heavy ice and snow storm. There were quite a few shared photos on the social networks and an animated GIF of a huge snowman triggered memories of our Hudson, Ohio winters in NE Ohio.

Back then I had an old Ford 800 that I used around the property with a mower in the summer and a blade for our long driveway in the winter (pre-Bobcat743 days). Another perk of owning a tractor was that it had a bucket for yardwork, tree cutting and hauling from back in the woods and even to build giant snowmen.


After searching for the photos (could it be on video?), I could only find a couple autumn photos of me hauling around my nephews … Ben and David Skinner (photos below). What boy doesn’t enjoy riding around on a tractor … or for that matter enjoy bulldozers (DadH’s).

If I find the snowman video/photos (with my brother-in-law Gary hauling the head in the bucket), I’ll add them to this Throwback Thursday #TBT post to archive the memories.



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