Another Mexican dinner with my friend Jeff and some humor

Posted By on February 9, 2022

TriviaForToiletBook220201Last week I had dinner with my buddy Jeff after taking him to pick up his car from a seat repair/re-upholstering job. He previously planned it so we could go to our “old” favorite Acapulco Mexican Restaurant (which is no longer tolerated as well in my digestive track as it was 20 years ago).

He had a “Trivia for the Toilet” book from Christmas to give me, suspecting it would go over well – knowing our long running bathroom humor jokes (all clean by-the-way). He also noticed that I could no longer eat the usual “Cardiac Arrest (our nickname) Number 4 Combo” meal, declaring that I was slipping. We chuckled about getting older and talked about losing a few pounds, doctors pushing meds and eating healthier. The positive is that I have lost a few pounds, but would still like to be down another 5 by summer.

I would be remise not to include the “toilet humor photo” that I sent to Jeff .. in which he declared: “I will NEVER be able to unsee that!”



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