Tech Friday: Waiting to hear about the low-cost iPhone SE

Posted By on March 4, 2022

AppleEventOn Tuesday, I received my Apple Event invitation for March 8, 2022 where tech watchers expect to hear Apple announce a new low-cost 5G iPhone SE. The current SE is $399 and retains the Touch ID which as me wondering if the new iPhone SE will remain similar?

They are also expected to announce a updated iPad Air which could be a option for me someday … I use my iPad every day (but probably need to update my iPhone 7 plus before the iPad). Needless to say, I’ll be paying attention.

Apple announces March 8 event; low-cost 5G iPhone and new iPad expected


Apple on Tuesday sent out invitations to the media for an event on March 8, where it’s expected to announce a new low-cost iPhone model.

The event, with the tagline “Peek Performance,” will be streamed digitally on YouTube and Apple’s website. Apple’s launch affairs have been virtual since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020.

It will be Apple’s first since October 2021, when it revealed new MacBook Pro laptops. Last year, the company held a spring event in April with new high-end iPads and the iMac computer.

Apple could announce a new low-cost iPhone with 5G support and a fingerprint reader, as well as a midrange iPad, according to media and analyst reports.

The company currently offers a low-cost iPhone called the iPhone SE, which was introduced in the spring of 2020, and retails for $399. It’s the most recent iPhone model with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The new iPad is expected to be an updated version of the iPad Air, according to Bloomberg. That device was last updated in October 2020 and currently retails for $599.

Apple could also release iOS 15.4, the latest version of iPhone software, with several new features including the option to use facial recognition to unlock the device while wearing a mask, and the ability to accept contactless credit card payments without additional hardware.

Apple’s spring device launches are less important to the company than its traditional fall events, which reveal pricier and more profitable high-end iPhone models ahead of the holiday shopping season. Apple also holds an annual developer conference in June called WWDC, where it sometimes releases new hardware.


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