Battery replaced in my aging iPhone7plus under Apple program

Posted By on January 9, 2019

It was a somewhat frustrating end of year scrabble to get my iPhone 7 battery replaced under the Apple “program” after their throttling older iPhones was disclosed in 2017. iPhoneBatteryReplaced190109My battery was still holding up, but who wants a phone with only 85% “Maximum Capacity” or hidden software artificially slowing down my now older iPhone 7 plus?

So I scheduled my appointment with Apple by phone, drove 30 minutes to the Apple store at my appointed time on 12/31/2017, only to have them tell me they didn’t have any batteries for my phone. Hm, for a company that prides themselves on accuracy and efficiency from their customer service, this was disappointing … as well as inconvenient.

Thankfully, they at least honored the warranty and took care of me after the program expired in 2019 … free of charge (well, I do have AppleCare on my iPhone 7 Plus). I know this model is no longer the latest and greatest, or as fast as a new iPhone XR, but frankly I’m not interested in buying an overpriced new phone. So now with the new battery in my older phone, I should be able to stretch this one until 5G is widespread and supported by Apple – at least that’s the plan!



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