Taylor now gets to fly drones as part of his planning job

Posted By on March 3, 2022

Admit it, you’re a bit envious of those who get to fly drones as a part of their job?

Taking Taylor out for his birthday in 2021

As someone who has enjoy everything aviation their entire life, I’m a bit jealous my son is now a licensed commercial drone pilot … just a I am watching those who get paid to play sports, make movies, race cars or to fish professionally. Of course they all usually have talents or have work hard towards the goaland I did not. IMG_1133_sAnyway it was fun to congratulate Taylor and hear him share the update of his progress. As a dad, it is rewarding to know he has found a career path and job that rewarding, even in small ways.

Thinking back on starting a business, I “wish” I would have been a little bit more satisfied and looked at the positives of running my own company, rather than focused and stressing over employees, maintaining customers and on paying bills. I spent way to much time trying to grow the company and grumbling about all the roadblock out bureaucracy, than taking pride and being satisfied with what had already been achieved.

Again, congratulations Taylor … Brenda and I are so thankful you have a great job and share the positives with us.


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