The Pain at the Pump is even worse when it comes to diesel #TBT

Posted By on May 26, 2022


I have put off buying diesel fuel for the Kubota mower and John Deere 330 as long as possible … but inevitably the reserve of 25 gallons stored in fuel jugs gets used up. It looks as if it is time to pay $$$ the inflated prices on fossil fuelsDieselPrices220524elections have consequences (pre-Russia invasion of Ukraine post)

It is hard to believe President Biden (video below) and most Democrat politicians are “purposely” restricting domestic production (along with their ESG pals preventing capital from being used by US energy companies). Those in charge are at the same time turning to Venezuelan dictators, Iran and our Strategic Petroleum Reserve rather than helping the American energy industry meet our needs? Something has to change — Americans who can least afford high energy prices and the inflation that follows end up squeezed the most (everything is shipped and costs more) … and as interest rates rise, few will be able to finance a new $60,000 electric car and associated charging setup, even if they want a new EV.

And just to make this a Throwback Thursday #TBT post, here’s a presidential candidate Joe Biden campaign promise:

Do you think it has been a wet May … at least in Cincinnati? ⛈
Yup. Measurements taken at CVG by the National Weather Service recorded 8.13 inches of rainfall. That makes the first 21 days of May the wettest on record.


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