Energy Independence: Oil was once dictated by OPEC #TBT

Posted By on November 4, 2021

Not to many years ago, the United States was on its way to becoming energy independent … until the American fossil fuel industry came under attack from within our own country. IDidThat_BidenThis time the reason is not due to our country’s inability to produce enough oil and natural gas for our needs, but an ideology … or political power? 

Our independence form OPEC and freedom from their strangle on on our country reduced American dependence on overseas oil … and gave workers in the US oil and gas industry good jobs and an exportable product. To most Americans who grew up under the thumb of OPEC and the fear of peak oil when we were driving pre-emission control vehicles and filling with leaded and high-sulphur fuels, the innovations that make the internal combustion engines cleaner and more efficient were tremendous advancements. The new petroleum finds, and fracking for natural gas and new biofuel alternatives were decades in coming and finally made affordable energy available to all Americans. The tax that is “high energy costs” was finally under control at the end of the last decade … thanks to innovation and policies that no long held America hostage to the MiddleEast oil cartels … and our steady move toward renewables like solar, wind and electric vehicles. Unfortunately that progress wasn’t good enough for the rabid environmental crowd and politicians in search of an issue to give them more power over people.

Unfortunately as we all too often find out, elections have consequences and by hook or by crook … the left came to power in 2020 and rained down havoc on US energy. From shutting down pipelines to regulating exploration and drilling, President Biden and the Democrats has turned back the clock on our energy independence. Not only is the cost for all the Americans 40+ percent higher (a regressive tax on every citizen) not to mention shipping of all our goods and services, but it has also driven up the price of natural gas and electricity. This winter we are on track to see our home heating bills 30% higher. Many will be harkened back to remembering shivering in the 1970’s and turning to coal and woodstoves (not CO2 friendly), propane and kerosene heaters for single room warming and wearing layers of clothing. What it sad, is that the Democrats currently in power are doing it to their own citizens and country – it is not OPEC this time; this “tax on the American people” is completely preventable.

US Retail Gas Price chart Oct 2021 (above)How is your state doing?

So for Throwback Thursday #TBT this week, how about revisiting a post from 2006 and an adjusted for inflation chart when energy and gasoline was rising?

From a blog post in 2006 about Gasoline Prices


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