Wishing my son Taylor a very Happy 33rd Birthday

Posted By on June 10, 2022

Taylor last weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo with Megan

While typing the subject line of this post, I wondered at what “age” is respectful to NOT mention a number when sharing a Happy Birthday greeting?  Hopefully not at 33 yet, since from memory those were the years I pretty much felt my best (pre Menieres!) .

Taylors33BDayPresent_RichCSelfie220607Anyway, it is his day “once again” and Brenda and I will be looking forward to getting together when he gets back from a cabin trip with Megan and some friends. They are always on the go … the advantage of living in an apartment and being kid-less!

Since Taylor rarely reads my blog, I’ll post a photo of his gift, although an unnecessary selfie; a fire (and water) safe box for his important papers, documents and passport (it has been on his wish list).

EDIT: Since Taylor came over to pick up a  package he had delivered (Verizon ‘Ultra Wideband’ Home Internet 5G Router), we had dinner and a cake for him on Wednesday night and took a photo.



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