A movie remake, with a twist? “iMac Down” & stocks down too

Posted By on June 10, 2022

A semi-disaster struck as my iMac choked on a Parallel 17 "virtual Windows" updateDownMarkets220609 on Thursday. It reminded me of the movie "Blackhawk Down" or perhaps "White House Down" … hence the subject line for Tech Friday.  

The virtual Windows 10 side of my computer booted, but everything from the connected drives to the display resolution was messed up. I stayed up late … or early… working on the problem only to throw in the towel and crawl into bed at 2:30AM. By morning I had things to do and decided to use my Apple TimeMachine backup from before the update to rebuild the 200GB virtual drive. Unfortunately this process from a USB connected drive was an 8 hour ordeal so computing and "market slide" watching for the day was on my Lenovo notebook (it seems sluggish too … or perhaps that new Apple MacBook M2 powered Air is just looking attractive)?


So as I’m prepping this post for Friday morning … I’m tweaking the reinstall and debating if I should try to update Parallels to 17 again??? Gulp.


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