Tech Friday: Campaign to fix the Apple iMessaging problem

Posted By on August 19, 2022

Google and their Android mobile OS platform has a social media campaign running to hopefully get Apple to fix their widely used text messaging app called iMessage. For years now, sending messages BubblesAndroidbetween Apple iPhones and other iDevices has frustrated many a users trying to communicate with friends and family. Google would like Apple to adopt the so-called RCS protocol instead of MMS and SMS. This would allow either platform user to share heavy data rich messages without getting tiny, blurry video or failed deliveries between iOS and Android when only connected over Wi-Fi (so says Google).


So if you want to find a solution, send a gripe to @Apple using the #GetTheMessage hashtag (personally I don’t know who is the hold-out, but traditionally Apple does not like playing with other operating systems … so I suspect Apple is likely the problem).


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