Tech Friday rant: I’m not excited about MLB’s postseason

Posted By on October 14, 2022


WikipediaChiefWahooBesides enjoying some minor league Toledo Mud Hens baseball this year with family, I have not been focused on MLB or the postseason playoffs. Being a Cleveland Indians Guardians fan, I am sort of pulling for them after they won the Wild Card series against Tampa Bay … but as always, beating the New York Yankees makes it a difficult path.

For now, I’ll just keep ignoring the evening games since the TBS network is not on my AltaFiber/CincinnatiBell Fioptics cable and Internet plan anyway. There’s probably a GOM post (Grumpy Old Man) in all the new streaming subscriptions required to watch content these days … and don’t even get me started on split NASCAR season FOX/NBC and moving races to their sports channels or USA Network, which is not on our cable subscription … GRR… or Thursday Night Football that is “only” on Amazon Prime that streams questionably even with our Prime membership. Why do I even bother anymore?

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I am so glad I don’t have to explain all of this “streaming of sports” to my father or father-in-law … who didn’t have computers, smartphones or even Internet connections … and didn’t want them!  



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