Tech Friday: Installed Wyze Doorbell and temp probe grilling

Posted By on January 6, 2023

RichCWyzeDoorbell221231It is hard to resist loving gadget gifts and this past year for Christmas I was excited to receive a Wyze Doorbell from Drew (and Katelyn – Thx!) Although the previous year in 2021, I will admit that I was intimidated … and still am … by the fancy double temperature Bluetooth and WiFi Weber cooking probes. Thankfully with Drew’s help last month, I was able to VERY successfully use it to grill our larger and thicker steaks. I’m just hope it wasn’t beginners luck (see Tweet embed at bottom).

Speaking of temperature gadgets … I still use the Father’s Day Ember coffee mug twice a embermugday as it is an expensive but superb way to keep coffee at the right temperature. If there were one fault, it is that the battery used to maintain temperature doesn’t last long enough … and perhaps if I were driving regularly, it is not intended to be a travel mug. I get about an hour after lowering the temperature to 133F degrees.


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