Tech Friday: Artificial Intelligence photos, video and voice

Posted By on June 16, 2023

Technology advancements and AI photo and video editing has been around a few years (FaceApp photos) … but some of the newer fakes or clones are All In The Familya bit “too” convincing (link to a “human generated” one, but not necessarily convincing). 😉

As a society, there’s no turning back once artificial intelligence abilities are here, but the fear, or concern, is that AI decides no human requests or input are needed to begin creating content. A Congressional hearing this past week highlight just how those with evil intent are using it — threats and blackmailing for money.

As for the “All In The Family” photo (left) or “world leaders as children(video below) … it can also be entertaining just as is TikTokall the while collecting data for the Chinese Communist Party. Who knows what it will be used for?


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