The Hadley, Polar and Ferrel Cells and Surf Dancing #video

Posted By on June 25, 2023

National Geographic on Climate

Someone shared a National Geographic map on climate from a “years ago” issue and I found the discussion of the Hadley, Polar and Ferrel Cells interesting … I even had to look them up.

The atmosphere transports heat throughout the globe extremely well, but present-day atmospheric characteristics prevent heat from being carried directly from the equator to the poles. Currently, there are three distinct wind cells – Hadley Cells, Ferrel Cells, and Polar Cells – that divide the troposphere into regions of essentially closed wind circulations. In this arrangement, heat from the equator generally sinks around 30° latitude where the Hadley Cells end. As a result, the warmest air does not reach the poles. If atmospheric dynamics were different, however, it is plausible that one large overturning circulation per hemisphere could exist and that wind from the low-latitudes could transport heat to the high-latitudes. As an explanation for equable climates, Brian Farrell presented this idea in 1990 and advocated that during equable climates, the Hadley Cells extended from the equator to the poles (Farrell, 1990). LINK

Hadley Cell

Although those who study climate, “without a political bent and grants money on the line”, undoubtedly understand the science far better than readers like me, I still find it interesting to learn about. 

As for beauty when it comes to nature and the oceans, there aren’t too many scenes better than watching the waves come in at a beach … except maybe someone surfing those waves and turning it into a dance (below). Wow!


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