How political has science and climate change become? #video

Posted By on August 16, 2023

BingAI generated Climate Change GraphicDeep down … I think most people know that there is something corrupt when it comes to climate science, grant money and politics. Still we are hesitate to question anything because “who am I to question these complicated issues?”

It has always bothered me that so many things become an immediate, high priority “crisis” when there is a want for more money (funding) or political control over central planning policies and control over people who are suppose to be free to make individual decisions. In my lifetime (and likely still happens), corporate greed, with little regard for people or the environment, required the established an entire government watchdog bureaucracy to oversee abuse (EPA) … BUT like most government agencies … it grows, want more power, control and money …  and will find a way to coherse politicians and taxpayers. Those running the organization either lose touch with their noble purpose (or never had it to begin with), thenJudith Curry headshot hire more like-minded people, dole out grants to even more like-minded and lobby for more like-minded politicians to keep the cycle going again and again. Eventually it starts to stink so bad that it becomes difficult to hide the biased and corrupt bloated department or organization. 

It happens at every political level — be it in academia, Washington DC or with International organizations. Only a few members with scrupples and ethics are left to speak out and they are quickly silenced by their peer mob. The cause can be different, be it on COVID19, the intellegience agencies suppressing or fabricating info … or on climate concerns.

Here’s a John Stossel YouTube video with Judith Curry highlighting what open-eyed scientists are seeing when dealing with climate change — no matter your personal conclusion, silencing opposing points and points-of-view should be concerning to all and make everyone question motives. 


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