Israel’s 9/11: Hamas terrorist viciously attacked innocent civilians

Posted By on October 10, 2023

Hatred runs deep in the middle-east as many in the Arab world have never accepted the State of Israelwhich is probably an understatement. I haven’t posted on the “war(as declared on Saturday by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) at this point since so much is unknown, but television news coverage is 24/7. I can’t imagine living in this powder keg region of the Holy Land, and now it is the worst it has ever been in my lifetime (and I was alive in 1967 and 1973). For the Jewish state, this attack and slaughter of civilians is a reminder of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and The Holocaust

WSJ Israel on offensive  

On Saturday October 7, 2023, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas located in the Gaza Strip in the south western corner of Israel, coordinated an attack using 1000s of rockets, drones and multiple wall incursions by armed killers into towns and military posts. Television and social media images saw them being cheered on by non-combatant Palestinians. This was an Iranian funded attack was weeks in the planning, according to the WSJ, and these Hamas terrorists murdered and butchered nearly 1000 Israeli citizens (over 100 discovered Monday, massacred in Kibbutz Be’eri near the Gaza border). They also took some of them as hostages back to Gaza. Most fear the number of dead will be higher and I assume that everyone knows that when the Israel military responds, that the lost of human live will be horrendously high. I’m not Jewish or an Israeli, but currently have little mercy as to the response. Exterminating Hamas is an appropriate human emotion at this point (also, 11 Americans were killed and some taken hostage we have been told). 

Map of War
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For now we in America pray for a response from Israel that eliminates the terrorist threat and Hamas political rule in Gaza. There should never be a millitant threat from this area again (or from the Shia radical group Hezbollah, if they chose to strike from Lebanon – they are threatening). Even a measured response by Israel in such a heavily populated area in order to accomplishes the above objective is certainly going to see many more casualties. This is going to be a bloody war and will impact the the middle-east (and world peace) for a long time to come. 


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