The US financial markets finally take (start?) their October slide

Posted By on October 19, 2023

Those who are elected (or strong-armed their way to power) are failing miserably at keeping peace in our world as we teeter on the edge of yet another war. No matter how advance we think we are, human beings are unable to get along with each other. 

Stock Market Indices market close 10/18/2023
Stock Market Indices market close 10/18/2023

Stock market investors, after a week of holding up relatively well after the war between Israel and Hamas began after the terrorist attack on citizens living in Israel, have finally felt the impact as all indices moved down on Wednesday.  The IDF has warned of their plan to go into the Gaza City, but as been holding off due to a variety of assumed reasons: military preparation, hostage negotiations (?), weather, a visit from President Biden and an errant rocket from within Gaza that hit a Palestinian hospital. Personally, it has surprised me that we didn’t have a sell-off on Monday? 

As an investor, I’m glad to not be focused 24/7 on making rash portfolio adjustments or attempting to make trades “on the news” … althoughwinking I have depressingly been unable to turn off the news at the end of a rough day on the beach

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