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Posted By on November 7, 2023

The weather was just right this past weekend to work on the second batch of leaves for 2023. Even Brenda enjoyed coming outside to help as the sun was shining and was warm (HOT when working) for a breezy 60 degrees. We had a productive Saturday. 

Window washing - grids out

On Sunday the weather was even better and about this time of year, the sun shines in our back windows from the south and they are noticeably terrible. As I mention each spring Bengals Bills scoreand late fall or winter, we are going to have to hire a window cleaning company to take the job of cleaning them. BUT for now, I spent the afternoon before the NASCAR championship race and Sunday night football (Bengals beat the Bills) cleaning the windows in the back of the house and poolhouse garage (minus climbing the extension ladder for top windows).

Brenda’s final project requiring two of us, was to prepare her “aircraft carrier” of a dining room table for our family Christmas dinner in December (no Thanksgiving this year). I did my normal moaning about putting it together and wondered if she was trying to go back to the hospital again this year (half joking, but I do worry about how much she does in preparing for Christmas)? Anyway … it is a huge table. 

Dining table the size of an aircraft carrier


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