This year’s Christmas woodworking project: A Puppet Stage

Posted By on December 24, 2023

It is becoming more and more difficult to remember what I’ve added to the blog and what I have not when it comes to woodworking projects? Puppet Stage 2023I had thought I might have mentioned a few of the steps back in November regarding doweling a couple of unique joints when building a Puppet Stage for my granddaughters? Obviously I merely put the photos in the archive, but never made a comment — which is fine, but does start to concern my mental state!  

So for a Christmas Eve post this year, I ‘ll update the blog with a photo of the finished Red, White and Blue Puppet Stage for my granddaughters, even though I was really disappointed in the curtains —  perhaps I can remake them later? Anyway, I suspect Katelyn will appreciate the effort … even though a purchased one would probably be more polished? Besides the joinery (covered by paint), the “stand” parts are removable with a thumb knob so that everything lays flat for storage (ie. against a wall in a closet or something). 

The girls are getting older so I’m not sure how Laughing Emojimuch “hand puppeteering” they will enjoy, but it was an idea mentioned by Katelyn (so I’ll blame her if they don’t enjoy it)! 


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