A Music and Movie Monday Merry Christmas to ALL!

Posted By on December 25, 2023

It's a Wonderful Life Poster from 1946Pre-posting a Christmas day blog update as I’m expecting to be busy with our family … and for the record … I am finally getting in the spirit and correct mood to celebrate Christ’s birthday.

Since this is a Music Monday, it is appropriate to include the most popular Christmas song in America … BUT since I’m not a Mariah Carey or “All I Want For Christmas” song fan, I also though I would share what is playing non-stop at our Mariah Careyhouse … ugh. Brenda has been TV streaming “It’s A Wonderful Life” in black and white non-stop since mid-December. I actually don’t mind the movie and enjoy it … but unlike “The Christmas Story” …  I can only take so much.  

So here’s the Youtube version of “All I Want For Christmas.” 


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